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AG DeWine announces end of demolition grant program - Defiance Crescent News (subscription)
AG DeWine announces end of demolition grant programDefiance Crescent News (subscription)Ohio directed $75 million in settlement funds from mortgage companies toward the effort, earmarking portions to each of the state's 88 counties based on the number of properties foreclosed between 2008-11. In total, 14,608 blighted homes were ...and more »

6 Years On, Is The Tea Party Here To Stay? - NPR
6 Years On, Is The Tea Party Here To Stay?NPR... Rick Santelli, an investment analyst on business news network CNBC. For close to three minutes, Santelli harangued the live host and other on-air contributors with a fiery denunciation of the Obama plan to help homeowners whose property was worth ...and more »

6 Years Ago At CPAC Meeting, The Tea Party Movement Ignited - New Hampshire Public Radio
New Hampshire Public Radio6 Years Ago At CPAC Meeting, The Tea Party Movement IgnitedNew Hampshire Public RadioFor close to three minutes, Santelli harangued the live host and other on-air contributors with a fiery denunciation of the Obama plan to help homeowners whose property was worth less than its mortgage. Santelli referred to "paying losers' mortgages ...

Martin Luther King Jr.'s Three Southern Villains - Newsweek
NewsweekMartin Luther King Jr.'s Three Southern VillainsNewsweekIn 1973 he had gravitated to North Carolina as the general manager of the Pinehurst Mortgage and Loan Company, a firm offering unsecured loans at 9½ percent interest. With a .... You're telling me that you're going to take to the streets in defiance of ...and more »

A tribute to Lesley Gore, the real first feminist singer -
MiamiHerald.comA tribute to Lesley Gore, the real first feminist singerMiamiHerald.comThe refrain “It's my party and I'll cry if I want to” was not a whimper about being dumped but a shouted defiance of social convention and adult expectations, assertions of identity in a world in which teenagers felt powerless, pushed around by parents ...and more »

Business News Roundup, Feb. 13 - SFGate
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Argentina failing to pay foreign debt locally -investor group - Reuters
Argentina failing to pay foreign debt locally -investor groupReutersArgentina responded in September by approving legislation to allow bondholders to receive interest payments via a state-run Argentine bank, in defiance of the U.S. court's orders. ... You can't mortgage the country like that," Kicillof told Radio del ...and more »

Wells Fargo and Kozeny & McCubbin just got spanked in court. - Pitch Weekly
Pitch WeeklyWells Fargo and Kozeny & McCubbin just got spanked in court.Pitch Weekly... 2008, Wells Fargo, represented by the law firm Kozeny & McCubbin (a firm based in St. Louis with offices in Fairway), started the foreclosure process anyway. Wells Fargo took over the property and sold it to the Federal Home Loan Mortgage ...

I Stand By Premier Wynne Despite the Sudbury By-Election Allegations - Huffington Post Canada
I Stand By Premier Wynne Despite the Sudbury By-Election AllegationsHuffington Post CanadaPremier Wynne confirmed as much in a defiant press conference, saying, "Andrew Olivier was absolutely aware... that he would not be the candidate. He was not being asked to ... I hear one of the most powerful people in the Premier's Office suggesting ...and more »

Who says gentrification is a myth? - Grist
GristWho says gentrification is a myth?Grist... and farms built by African Americans freed from slavery during Reconstruction that were destroyed by white racist terrorists — a subject I look forward to hearing more about in the upcoming Smithsonian documentary “Mississippi Inferno: Deeds of ...

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  • Cash To Close: Liquid assets that are available on hand for payment of closing costs involved in the processing of a mortgage transaction.
  • Closing: The completion of a real estate transaction. The closing includes the delivery of a deed, financial adjustments, signing of notes and disbursement of funds required to finalize the sale and loan transaction.
  • Closing Costs: Fees generally paid by the borrower in relation to the closing of a mortgage loan.
  • Collateral: Property pledged as security for a debt.
  • Conforming Loan: Conventional home mortgages eligible for sale and delivery to either the Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA) or the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC). These agencies generally buys first mortgages up to loan amounts approved by Congressional directive.
  • Conventional Loan: Loans that are not part of any government housing program, free of any restrictions of government insured housing programs, such as loan size limits.
  • Conversion Clause: A feature in certain ARMs that gives you the option to convert the variable rate loan to a fixed-rate loan, usually after the first adjustment period. The new fixed rate will be set at current rates and there could be a fee for the conversion feature.
  • Convertible ARM: A type of ARM loan that can be converted to a fixed-rate loan after a certain time period.
  • Covenant: A clause in a contract that obligates or restricts the parties and if broken, can result in a legal action.
  • Credit Bureau: It is a clearinghouse for credit history information.
  • Credit Report: A report containing a detailed credit history of an individual.

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